The Open Air Museum of Taattola

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Experience the past in the 19th century courtyard
in the middle of Satakunta – In Kullaa!

The Open Air Museum of Taattola near the church of Kullaa is a courtyard containing a total of ten buildings from the 19th century: the main house, a smoke sauna, a shed, a storehouse, an exhibition space, a drying barn, a workshop, a barn and a granary.
Feel the wonderful heat and the steam of a smoke sauna!

The museum area is available to be reserved for events.
The smoke sauna is also available to be rented separately.

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Open upon request.

Door price 2 EUR

Guided tours and additional information:

Local History and Museum Association of Kullaa
The Information Centre of Leineperi Ironworks
Phone +358-2-5591551, +358-400-790591