SacklÚn, the Blacksmith's Cabin

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What did a smith's house look like in the 1920s?
Come see the peculiar and bizarre tapestry of the smith's cabin...

Within the cabin of Blacksmith Sacklén located in the Leineperi Ironworks, you can see how people lived in the 1920s.

In this cabin lived the Walloon blacksmiths (The Iron Hands of Europe) who arrived here through Sweden. They were present during the founding of Leineperi Ironworks and they turned it into one of the most profitable iron factories in the country by end of the first half of the 19th century.

The Association of the Walloon Descendants operates in Finland:

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Sacklén, the Blacksmith's Cabin is open
during the hours of the Leineperi Information Centre.

Guided tours and additional information:
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