Miniature Model of Leineperi Ironworks

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Would you want to spend a moment in 1895?

Now you have the opportunity – At the Leineperi Ironworks

It's the Leineperi Ironworks in miniature size, in the year 1895. Five square-meters in size, the model is equipped with sound and visual effects to give a good overall view of the Ironworks area and the way of life over a hundred years ago! By the model and the stories of the guide, you will get a good view of the vast areas included in the Ironworks.

The Miniature model holds 52 sites of interest as well as a plethora of interesting details with their tales. The tour is enhanced by sounds from places such as the smithy, the sawmill and the furnace and the sounds of animals.

You can see the Ironworks Miniature model in the old dairy of Leineperi, located right at the heart of the Ironworks area.

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Every day from 10 am to 4 pm
or upon request

Door price 2 EUR

Guided tours and additional information:

Local History and Museum Association of Kullaa
The Information Centre of Leineperi Ironworks
Phone +358-2-5591551, +358-400-790591